Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maggie's Challenge

I challenge you to go to or Order: The Liberation of Maggie Weintraub by melanie h vansell Read this contemporary novel. Write a review on facebook: Maggie Weintraub's Journey You will be contacted by the author. You will receive a gift from Maggie and Melanie. Even more important!!!!!!! You have an opportunity to make a difference. Maggie has been inspired by the people of the streets. She has chosen to live as a free spirit. Maggie realizes that there are countless others who are poor, disoriented, homeless, hopeless, and live in horrid conditions through no fault of their own. Happenstance has molded lives of mentally, emotionally, and economically challenged individuals and families. Maggie has vowed to investigate and focus on social issues such as: homelessness, poverty, mental disorientation, human trafficking, and more. She has promised to give back and make a difference in the lives of people who have not chosen their vagabond destinies. Maggie challenges readers to do the same. Maggie challenges readers to find a social issue that interests them and volunteer their time and/or money to change the destiny of others who have found themselves in desperate situations. Read; The Liberation of Maggie Weintraub Watch for: Maggie Weintraub: Keep Your Back to the Wind. Release 2012 Contact Melanie on facebook: Maggie Weintraub's Journey Thank you so much for your passion. I look forward to hearing from you. melanie h vansell

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