Friday, January 20, 2012

Maggie has found herself in the middle of a missing persons case! I wasn't sure if I should have the victim killed off or found bloody, battered and bruised. I posted the question on FaceBook and my followers voiced their opinions. Bloody, Battered and Bruised it is! Look for the follow up novel (to The Liberation of Maggie Weintraub) - Maggie Weintraub - Keep Your Back to the Wind - 2012 release. Thanks everyone. READ ON! And, Enjoy the Journey! melanie

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Up and running

Maggie is up and running. She has matured in to a loving and caring adult. Join Maggie and care about others. Maggie needs your help. She would like to start a campaign to "Become a Friend with Dignity." Her challenge is for you to donate time or money to a social issue that your are passionate about. What Maggie would really love is for each person to become a friend of someone in need. Please respond with ideas as to how to launch this campaign. Maggie wants you to become a friend to someone who lives on the street or in a shelter. You could spend 20 minutes or more getting to know this individual. You will both benefit from your efforts. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!!!